On 10th April 2016, in HCMC Labor Culture Palace took place Recycling Day 9th. Enda Vietnam and Green Generation network have accompanied with this significant event in 4 years. “Waste_Live& Love” is a decisive subject of our space exhibition. The colorful decoration and exciting activities have attracted hundreds of visitors and attention of media. More than 20 photo-voices brought out the story of waste collectors which were about hard work, live, humanity and especially the potential danger from domestic hazardous waste which they are facing up every day. Besides that, visitors participated games to be aware of waste separation, distinguishing organic waste / inorganic / hazardous / recycling. The highlight of the pavilion is the unique handmade products such as lamps, handbags, souvenirs … which were made by Mr. Tong Van Thom using recycled materials such as coconut shells, plastic bottles. Visitors who were interested of handmade products would be guided how to make flower baskets or plastic cups and took home as gifts.


Enda exhibition space


Mr Thom show how to make Coconut flower basket


Mini game to classify waste


Visitors watch Photovoice

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