Apart from constant capacity building through training, sharing experiences and workshop in the frame of its projects and the city network, researching and consulting services have seen important to help Enda integrate better its voice and experience in the local and national policymaking process. During the period 2003 – 2013 Enda Vietnam has been conducted various researches by itselves; by joined with other partners such as ALOV-Centre (Association to support overseas Vietnamese for Diapode project; as requested by UNDP’s, World Bank’s, and other different ODA projects.


Community training

Enda Vietnam has been providing various consulting and training services as requested by the Project Management Units (PMUs) of different ODA projects. The subjects for consulting and training are summarized as follows:

  • Training course on social forestry and PRA for forest guards in the frame of the Nam Cat Tien National Park conservation project funded by WWW, 1998.
  • Training course on community-based solid waste collection system in Vinh City in the frame of the project “Localizing Agenda 21 in Vinh City” funded by UNCHS/ BDRA, 1999.
  • Training courses on environmental education and consulting services on institutional development of environmental management strategy in HCMC in the frame of the UNDP/ VIE 96/023 project, 2000 –2001.
  • Technical assistance for the institutional development of community-based development project funded by UNDP for five provincial cities, UNDP/ VIE 97/008 2000 – 2001. Consultation on the socialization of SWM and financial incentives for the relocation of small-scale polluting enterprises in HCMC, UNDP/ VIE 96/023, 2002.
  • Advisory services on relocation and resettlement and the revision of resettlement action plan in the East West Highway and Water Environment Improvement projects, JBIC, 2001-2002.
  • Technical assistance and consulting services on SWM and SW segregation in District 5 – HCMC in the frame of the Asia- Urbs project, 2001-2002.
  • Representing NGOs working in HCMC to be observer member of the ODA partnership in HCMC.
  • Being consulted by INGOs (such as Action Aid, Medecin du Monde, CIDSE and so forth) and multi lateral and bilateral donors (such as ADB, World Bank, JICA, BTC, JBIC and so on) in the field of urban community-based development and resettlement.

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