In 2002, Enda Vietnam cooperated with the Women’s Studies Department of the Open University of Ho Chi Minh City implemented a pilot project on “Prevention of Domestic Violence in Co Giang Ward, Ho Chi Minh City” to aid women who were victims of domestic violence. In this project, many activities were implemented to raise women’s awareness on gender equity and development, domestic violence and skills for dealing with domestic violence, as well as to provide emotional, physical and financial aid to women through forming some credit- saving groups in the ward and opened vocational services, job creation, recruitment center for poor families and couples in case of violence. This project had to raise the voice of women in the families; the women had chances to joins more in social activities by joining credit-saving groups or vocational training to improve their income generation.


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In the same time, Enda worked with Women’s Union of Da Nang in the project of “ Community Development and support to resettlement for poor communities in Da Nang” to support poor relocated households of the new relocation areas of Thanh Loc Dan, Thuan Phuoc ward in which the project organized training for capacity building and management of saving-credit groups for targeted women to increase their income as well as organized activities of vocational training, creating jobs opportunities and providing job equipments to poor single moms and young unemployed women after being resettled. This project already support for 36 women and their families in Thuan Phuoc ward for relocation households and vocational trainings for them to find jobs when resettle down.

During the period of 2007-2010, Enda Vietnam has continued to implement the project “Urban Development and Resettlement” program with the financial support of Novib–Oxfam (in Da Nang ,Quy Nhon, Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City) to support 550 women and their families with resettlement. Besides, Enda Vietnam integrated the IEC (information-education-communication) activities into the savings and credit activities to enhance the people’s gender awareness through various training workshops for community facilitators groups and beneficiaries, such as: TOT -training of trainers, domestic violence prevention, and through the activities of the Happy Families Clubs and the Marriage Support Center (for counseling). Total of beneficiaries of this project were about 4,500 in which about 3,150 women were joining in saving-credit groups and gender awareness, domestic violence prevention. For community fund is still exist among community now and gender equity is always integrated with credit-saving groups.

In connection with the project “Towards social protection and inclusion of informal waste pickers and recyclers in Ho Chi Minh City” and experience on gender, Enda Vietnam implement the project “Gender and Sustainable Development in Network for Independent Waste Collectors in Ho Chi Minh City” sponsored by Agency For Development (AFD), from January 2015 to December 2017 and located in Thu Duc district, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. The project will rely on the National Strategy for integrating solid waste management by 2050 (2009) and the National Strategy for environmental protection completed by the “Vietnam Green Growth Strategy” (2012).  The government approved a national gender equality program 2011-2015 and the HCMC Popular Committee published an action plan for implementing national strategies 2011-2015 aimed at reducing the gender gap in the economy, work, and employment and supporting improved access to economic resources and markets for poor women.

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