1. Project name: Gender and Sustainable Livelihood for Independent Waste Collectors in Ho Chi Minh City
  2. Project period: January 2015– December 2017
  3. Project area: Thu Duc district, Ho Chi Minh City
  4. Total budget: 223,360 EUR
  5. Project objectives:
  6. Project outputs:
  • Better integrate gender perspective in the actions carried out by Enda Vietnam in synergies with its partners
  • Improve the financial stability of the cooperatives/syndicates/individuals IWC in improving the incomes and better taking into account the gender issues in this sector (economic and social obstacles) and the environmental incidence of the informal waste management sector
  • Improve the well-being and social protection of IWC, especially women and girls
  • Promote the consideration of the political and strategic interests of women in public policies and mentality change and social representations in the society
  • 70% of targeted IWCs (270 IWCs, with at least 180 female) will have increased income to 30 – 45% and/or will have diversified income sources ( technical skills, equipment, access to markets, organizational training, basic education, negotiation with private and public actors, business plans, calls for tenders…
  • Public authorities and key actors in waste management sector are called on gender issues in this sector. Ensure the empowerment of women in the decision-making processes (women head of the groups, of the mixed cooperatives/syndicates…) and develop training on self-esteem/self-development/make women initiatives visible.
  • 200 IWCs (at least 100 female) and their family members get better access on health insurance scheme, and/or some kinds of social insurance service, and/or education support.
  • Mobilize the local related departments integration gender equity perspective with solid waste management.

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