On last afternoon Saturday May 14th, 2016, Enda Vietnam cooperated with An Nghia school managing board to hold  sharing session with the whole teachers to share best practices on  “Clean water and water resource management”. This is an activity under the project “Education to raise awareness about clean water ” for primary students which aim to enhance the role of the primary school students in protecting clean water and use water resources efficiently funded by Lotte and Korean Green Foundation (KGF)  through  Enda Vietnam.

Sharing sessions to exchange experiences, appropriate methods to integrate the content of protect and save water into the curriculum. To organize extracurricular activities, launch a drawing competition on the theme of environmental protection and water saving. Regularly communicate with their parents to remind students to form habits of saving water immediately at home.


Ms Mai (principal) is sharing experiences


Ms Linh (Enda VN) introduces activities

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