In last May, Enda Vietnam and An Nghia primary school have launched a movement to learn about “Clean water and water management” for all students, particularly a painting contest of 3,4,5th  graders. These activities aim to enhance the role of the primary school students in protecting clean water and use water resources efficiently under the project “Education to raise awareness about clean water ”  for primary students funded by Lotte and Korean Green Foundation (KGF)  through  Enda Vietnam.

35 outstanding paintings that express the message of environmental protection and water saving had been selected among 195 paintings of 3,4,5th graders. The award ceremony took place on the morning of May 26th, 2016 in An Nghia elementary school with the participation of over 300 students, all teachers and parents of students. During the award ceremony, 6 children with outstanding picture represented to speak their ideas and message through painting in front of the entire school. Representative of Enda Vietnam – Ms Nguyen Thi Hoai Linh shared the message of environmental protection, using water resources effectively.


Students perform singing and dancing


Students talk about their ideal painting


Ms Mai awarded to students with outstanding pictures

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