The project management board of Quy Nhon City collaborated with Enda Viet Nam to organize Workshop project ending evaluation on 18th January,2016 hold at Meeting hall of People’s Committee of Quy Nhon City.

The conference was attended by Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung – Vice Chairman of Quy Nhon City, Mr. Ngo Huy Liem – Director of Enda Vietnam and more than 100 delegates who represented the related departments and  organizations at city, ward/commune level. Representatives of Nguyen Van Cu Ward, Nhon Phu Nhon Ly, CITENCO, Dam Market, Quy Nhon Kindergarten presented activities, advantages /disadvantages and lessons learned during the implementation of waste separation at source program and recommendations for the next phase.


Mr Nam (Vice chairman of Quy Nhon People Committee) express opening remarks

The final evaluation did not mean project’s ending but government of Quy Nhon city keep maintenance the program “Waste separation at source” with local budget. Enda Viet Nam has the honor of collaborating with Quy Nhon City to implement “Pro-poor and sustainable waste management in secondary cities and small towns” in last time sponsored by UN-ESCAP. The project has important initial achievements. Even the long and challenging road ahead in changing people’s awareness about separating waste at source, but we totally believe with strong determination, taking part and dedicated guidance  Quy Nhon City will be even more successful in the future.


Delegates contribute to assess project

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