Enda Vietnam works through partnerships with government and civil society organizations. We commit to long-term and mutual partnerships at all levels in many cities and provinces in Vietnam.

In  Ha Noi:

  1. Social Work Training and Research Centre
  2. Association of Cities of Vietnam (ACVN)
  • The Women’s Union of Hai Ba Trung District
  1. People’s Committees and Mass Organizations of Vinh Tuy and Quynh Mai wards, Hai Ba Trung District, Ha Noi City.
  2. Women’s Union of Ha Dong Town, Ha Tay Province.
  3. People’s Committee and Mass Organizations of Van Mo Ward, Ha Dong Town, Ha Tay Province.

In Ho Chi Minh:

  1. Capital Aid Fund for Employment of the Poor (CEP)
  2. Women’s Studies Department, Open University of Ho Chi Minh (2002)
  • Ho Chi Minh City Department of Natural Resources and Environment
  1. Labor Union of District 6
  2. Public Work Services Company of District 6
  3. People’s Committee of Ward 2 and Ward 8, District 4
  • People’s Committee of District 2

In Hue (2002):

  1. The Farmer’s Association of Hue City
  2. People’s Committee of Kim Long Ward
  • People’s Committee of Vy Da Ward
  1. People’s Committee of Phu Binh Ward

In Quy Nhon:

  1. People’s Committee of Qui Nhon City
  2. Urban Environment Company of Qui Nhon City
  • People’s Committee of Nhon Phu Wards
  1. People’s Committee of Nhon Ly Commune
  2. People’s Committees and Mass organizations of Hai Cang, Nhon Binh, Le Hong Phong and Dong Da wards

In Da Nang:

  1. The Women’s Union of Da Nang City
  2. The People’s Committees and Women’s Union of Thuan Phuoc and Thanh Khe Tay wards

In Kon tum:

  1. People’s Committee of Kon Tum City
  2. Urban Environment Company of Kon Tum City
  • People’s Committee of Quang Trung Ward, Kon Tum City

In Quang Ngai (2002):

  1. People’s Committee of Son Ha District
  2. People’s Committee of Ba To District
  • Quang Ngai Department of Science, Technology and Environment

In Gia Lai (2003):

  1. Chu Se Rubber Company

In Dak Lak (2002):

  1. Gardening Association in Dak Lak

In Phu Yen (2002):

Youth Union Vietnam in Phu Yen